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Abergavenny is a small but growing market town on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. It is called Y Fenni in welsh. One of the great things about the town is its thriving independent sector. It's not just independent shops but also hotels, arts and crafts workers and well-being practitioners.

Local web designer near meThis can make being a local web designer a varied and interesting challenge. For many business in Abergavenny, the local community are at the heart of their trade. Whether a local dance tutor, yoga teacher or a builder, business tends to be locally based. This is why as a web developer working with small businesses I put a lot of effort into local search optimisation of web sites.

Serving the town of Abergavenny

As my base is in the centre of the town I can offer my widest range of services. This includes being able to offer in-house or at home WordPress and Woocommerce tuition. For businesses who have no knowledge of running a web site, a couple of hours personal 1 on 1 tuition in eCommerce and blogging can make all the difference.

But my main service is the provision of web sites and search engine optimisation.

Small business web site package

Prices of small local business packages start from as little as £500.00. This gets you;

    • 12 months hosting on premium brand server
    • 12 months domain name registration
    • 12 months SSL (padlock) certificate
    • 6 email addresses
    • 12 months technical updates
    • Google My Business optimisation and mark-up

A small business web design package provides a 5 page web site with blog option so you can keep your customers up to date with news and special offers. The blog option is also useful to help keep your web site growing in the search engines. It will also have a privacy and legal page to meet all the UK and EU legal requirements.

There will be a separate contact page and also a FAQ page. This FAQ page will be optimised for helping with voice search and smart-speaker interactions. It will also help provide information to Google about the most important aspects of your business.

There will be the home page and a flexible page that can be developed depending on your own personal situation and needs.

Each web site is built with enhanced security features to protect your customer data and to reduce the chance of your web site being hacked to host malware or worse. We also offer regular backups so that if something did go wrong your web site can be re-installed quickly.

Your web site will be built on the WordPress system. I use this because it is very easy for a business owner to add new content or updates. If you have ever used MS Word then you will quickly be at home with WordPress.

I also use it because I have many years of experience of developing plugins for WordPress, I'm on the beta test team and I am often found at WordPress helping to support issues on the help forums.

Search Engine Optimisation

My small business packages are built with local search in mind. I always recommend that customers open up a Google My Business page and I'll help them complete it. I also make suggestions as to how to keep the page optimised and ranking in local search and map search.

Being optimised for local search does not just help get local clients for a fitness instructor. It can also help when someone search for a 'yoga retreat in Abergavenny'. Good local SEO will mean that you will show on the mapped results that Google deliver. In the same way, a tourist to Abergavenny may do a local search on their mobile for 'restaurant near me'. Good local search SEO will help you been seen by people looking for your services in a local area.

Local business website abergavennyWeb Hosting

There is lots of cheap and free website hosting available but website I develop and host are placed on a premium branded server with plenty of power. It is a false economy to go for cheap websites with hosting. There's plenty of web designers on eBay charging £40 a year for a website with hosting but there's a far greater cost. A lot of these websites are developed off-shore in places like Indian and Nigeria. They use hacked copies of software that are weak and susceptible to being hacked - sometimes by the guy next door. They often have hundreds of websites operating off 1 server. This slows your website down and gives a bad user experience.

I only use branded UK based servers for my hosting. I ensure that no server is 'overcrowded' and the server is regularly cleared and tweaked to maximise efficiency.

This means web sites that are hosted through me will be quick to load and responsive to your customer.

Your website belongs to you

Another way that web designers keep their upfront prices low is through a technique called 'ghosting'. Sadly this is becoming more and more widespread. Here you may pay £40 for a website design and hosting for 3 or 6 months. Then once that time is up you are charged £40 a month for hosting. When you try and move to another web host you find that you don't have the domain registered in your name but it is registered with the host. You either pay the £40 a month or lose your website and domain, forcing you to start completely from scratch again, and having the risk of someone else using your original website for their own business. The term ghosting comes from the fact that once you complain about the high on-going fees the web developer goes very quiet and refuses to communicate with you.

When you take out a website with me I will register the domain name in your name and you are free to move host at 1 months notice. For the small business package you have 12 months free hosting and then the ongoing hosting is £30 per month. This includes on-going technical maintenance and optimisation of your web site and additional support.

However, if you are confident to be able to do that on-going work yourself then you are free to move to another host such as 1and1 who charge about £6.00 per month plus VAT - but there is only limited telephone support.

Let's chat about your website

Whether you already have a website which is not performing as you though, or you need a new website get in touch. We'll have a chat about your business, your customers and what you want to achieve on your website.

It can be a simple information website for people to find out more about you and make a booking. Alternatively you may want a full eCommerce store packed with items to sell online. My projects can cover the full range; from basic £500 introductory websites to £10,000+ immersive eCommerce stores with high traffic potential.

Abergavenny web designer FAQ

Is there a web design company in Abergavenny?

Y Praise Digital is a web design studio at the heart of the town of Abergavenny. It provides a range of web development and digital marketing services.

Where can I get SEO done in Abergavenny?

Y Praise Digital offers search engine optimisation services to Abergavenny and the surrounding areas. It also offers SEO audits of websites to help improve their effectiveness.

Where can I learn WordPress and Woocommerce in Abergavenny?

Y Praise Digital offers personal home tuition in WordPress and Woocommerce. They also offer 1 on 1 teaching in online marketing. As qualified adult education instructors, we are able to run courses for businesses and organisations in online marketing and WordPress.

Where can I learn online marketing to help my business in Abergavenny?

Y Praise Digital can help you learn a wide range of digital marketing skills. From Google Adwords to Facebook Ads and connecting with influencers we offer 1 on 1 home tuition. This means you learn what you need when you need it.

How much does a web site cost?

The cost of a website can vary hugely depending on what you want. Y Praise Digital can provide a small business website with hosting and domain name for £500.00.

Are there any WordPress specialists in Abergavenny?

Y Praise Digital is a web design agency that specialises in WordPress. They write and sell WordPress plugins, are a member of the WordPress beta test team and can often be found on WordPress forums helping other members.

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