kevin heathHaving developed my first web site way back in 1995, I'm now taking things a little easier. Having joined the van life community I split my time between working and travelling.

For me, it's time to explore at leisure in the UK and on into Europe and beyond. One of the best things about online life and being involved as a web developer and WordPress plugin writer is that you can work anywhere at any time. It gives you the freedom and the ability to get that all essential work-life balance that can be hard to find.

In addition to my web development work, I also run a number of affiliate marketing websites to earn a commission from Amazon and recently started to launch a network of drop-shipping sites to sell products from AliExpress and other Chinese marketplaces. 

Finally, my third source of income is from print on demand products that I sell on some of my web sites. 

By having a diverse portfolio of web sites and earning streams I am able to fund the travelling lifestyle that I love so much now.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us

A brief history of me...

Born 1962 in the heart of Birmingham I've always had a longing to travel but could never find the time to go. Before the web came along I had various jobs such as an apprentice gas fitter, chef and other work. but I could never really settle.

In 1992 I went to do my degree as a mature student. I studied Applied Science at the University of Wolverhampton with placement in Poland at the Universities of Lodz and Krakow. I can say from a 30-year old that student days are the best days of your life. If you get the opportunity to travel overseas as part of your studies then go for it.

Back in the UK in my final year, I was introduced to something called the internet. A computer programming student introduced it and demonstrated how she could find papers and research from across the world just by tapping a few keys into a search box in something called Archie. I was hooked.

I could see the potential and after finishing, studies began to learn about the web. I launched my first web site in 1996 that covered news and information about wildlife in Wolverhampton. This grew into the web site Wildlife News and I spend the next 20 odd years blogging about wildlife issues.

Time has progressed and from just a handful of HTML commands we now have a fully-fledged worldwide web and it's been amazing to see how technology has grown so quickly.

Not all who wander are lost

Current work in progress...

In order for me to have time to now go travelling in my camper, I am not taking on a lot of work. However, I am still available for strategic level planning and development.

My main work though is maintaining the WordPress plugins and adding occasional improvements where I think it can help.

In addition, I am maintaining my own eCommerce web sites that bring in residual income without having to do a great deal of work. 


  • Shortcodes available with Category Editor
    Hi, The plugin will still work after 12 month, you just don't get any updates unless you repurchase. Woocommerce Archive Image SEO will add the alt tag to existing images in the archives as well as add it to new images. I wrote this because a lot of my sites uses auto-imports form affiliates and I needed to add alt tags automatically.
  • Shortcodes available with Category Editor
    Hi, yes you will get a download link sent to your email address after you have purchased. You then get access to 12 months of updates and installation support.
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    These look like nice photographs. And a way to test my new author pages.