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A New Ecommerce Marketplace Is Beginning To Wake Up

There is a giant new eCommerce marketplace that’s been asleep for a while but is now stirring. There have been big changes at the Facebook Marketplace which will benefit many small traders, drop-shippers and internet marketers.

For too long I’ve been posting products to eBay with a small effect. There have been sales but it’s unreliable and the big eBayers who pay professional fees and advertising gets the cherry at eBay. Small sellers fight hard just to get their products seen let alone sold.

New look Facebook Marketplace

But I’ve been testing the new look Facebook Marketplace and it’s impressive and getting impressive results too compared with eBay. Let’s look at an example.

I drop-ship fishing tackle from China on one of my websites – you can see which from example sites on my Category Editor plugin page. I also post to eBay the same products.

I posted one of the fishing rods on eBay about 6 weeks ago and it has 43 views in that time and a couple of watchers. But no sales. 43 views over 6 weeks are not particularly impressive. The rod really is nowhere to be seen. The big fishing tackle suppliers are taking up all the results and even tackle shops from the US are showing up before my small UK based shop.

Compare that to the results on Facebook Marketplace. In 24 hours the ad has been viewed 481 times, there’s been 9 discussions on it, 6 comments, a couple of shares and4 click-throughs to my web site to make a purchase. All in 24 hours. Facebook Marketplace is a platform that needs to be considered.

I’ve always had some response by posting to Facebook Buy and Sell groups, but posting through the Marketplace is like putting it on steroids. 

The new Marketplace offers a seller profile some people can follow you and what you post. After putting up the details of your product you also get to share it to up to 20 buy and sell groups you are a member of.

There’s also the opportunity to boost your ad. I’ve not done that yet but it’s on the cards soon.

If you’re not getting anywhere with eBay then the Marketplace is somewhere you should look at. 

Facebook updating page shops

Combine this update of the Facebook Marketplace with improvements to the page shop facility and you start to see a pattern. Facebook is obviously keen to get into the selling platform industry. 

Currently, Facebook doesn’t charge fees unless you want to promote or boost a product. But I can see in the future Facebook bringing some interactivity between Marketplace and Shops. And that will probably cost some sort of commission.

If you’ve not been to Facebook Marketplace for a while it’s worth bringing yourself up to date with it all. And it’s definitely worth testing for your own products. There’s not a lot of commercial operators in the marketplace at the moment so the smaller seller and marketer has an early chance to grab some of the real estate.



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