A Profitable Time for Affiliate Marketers?

There’s not much good has come out of the Corvid-19 coronavirus pandemic but if you are an affiliate marketer, your commissions should be on the way up. Now is a good time to optimise and improve your web site to boost earnings even further.

Amazon commissions coming in from one of my older sites are now approaching what it once was a few years ago at its peak. Driving this boost in sales and commissions are educational toys. Out front in the number of sales are microscopes but not too far away are astronomy telescopes.

Sadly both these items are at the lower end of the commission scale at just 3% commission on each sale. It makes you yearn for the days of the old commission structure when I would get 8% or more on an average month. but the tiered commission levels based on the number of sales you make are no more. We are left with the poor and weak levels now set by Amazon.

Increasing sales boosted by optimised product category pages

Examining my sales funnels I see that the work I put in with optimising my category pages are paying off with 12% of sales originating from a Google search click through to product archive pages. 

A lot of web site owners ignore the power that a well-optimised category page can have. They offer another way for Google to drive traffic to your site. By getting rid of the h2 tags and building out content on the site they are great landing pages for customers. 

Google has ways of monitoring how people interact with your site and they soon pick up on what are popular pages on your site. Even if someone lands on an individual product page from Google quite often they will then click on the category page to see what else you have on offer. Google notices this and starts to see your category page as an important part of your site and it starts to appear higher in the search engine results.

Woocommerce archive pages are good landing pages for SERP clicks

Categories archives are great pages to have appearing in search engines because the listings of products often contain major keywords such as brand names. So then it’s simply a case of building out the page to be more than just a list of products. You need to add some supporting content, a few images or other media and set up some nice headings for search optimisation.

Category Editor Pro

Category Editor Pro The designers choice for customising category and tag pages.

One of the important things to do is to convert the default h2 product name mark up in the listings to a normal text. With so much of your page markup being in h2, it looks spammy to Google so you don’t get great search ranking positions. Lose the h2’s and set your own header sections and you can vastly improve bother user experience and search results.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a coder to make your product category and tag pages look great and optimised. We have the perfect plugins for you to be able to design and customise your WordPress and Woocommerce category and tag pages. 

Plugins to design and customise WordPress Woocommerce archive pages

You can swap out the Woocommerce H2 product title mark up with this plugin. And you can make your archive pages zing with Category Editor Pro.  The plugin used to be called Category Tinymce Pro but I did not realise that Tinymce was a trademarked term and I recently had to rename the plugin. Category Editor Pro is the new name for the web designers archive customerizer plugin of choice.

There are things that Google like to see on a page. These include:

  • images
  • video
  • maps
  • lists
  • bulleted points
  • smart snippets
  • interactivity

These are all things you can quickly and easily add on to a WordPress Category or Tag page thanks to Category Editor Pro. The free version of Category Editor can also let you do many of these things.

Of course, not all affiliate and drop-shipping sites are going to be bringing in income under Covid-19. The site selling educational toys is doing really well because schools are closed. I have another couple of sites which has seen major uplifts in either Amazon commission or sales from AliExpress drop-shipping. These are sites I’m spending a lot of time and energy optimising and promoting through social and paid ads. 

There are also sites which would normally bring in good money at this time of year but has pretty much collapsed thanks to the lock-down. My travel luggage site – always a good earner at 10% commission from Amazon – has barely made a sale in 4 weeks as people are unable to go anywhere. It’s throwing good money after bad on marketing in the hope to get some sales. the other site – a fishing Aliexpress drop-ship site – has also seen sales collapse as people are unable to go outside for any length of time.

Watch the trends to make money from Covid-19 restrictions

There’s money to be made under the restrictions of Covid-19 for both affiliate marketers and drop-shippers but you have to choose your product very carefully. It has to be something that people need in their home or gardens. Spending time on promoting holidays and outdoor sports equipment is not going to be very time or energy productive as people don’t know when they will be allowed to go outside and travel again.

One of the things I’ll be watching out for once restrictions are lifted is how this as impacted international travel. I was able to earn commissions on wildlife and birdwatching holiday trips last year. I’m not so sure people are going to travel as widely or as remotely as they used to after this is over. 

woocommerce h2 title link tags remover

Woocommerce H2 Remover Take control of your headings on product archives

Be flexible and do trend and keyword research as we come out of restrictions

As digital affiliate marketers and drop-shippers we are pretty experienced at working from home on our computers. We have a lot of skills in watching trends and keyword research. As the corvid-19 pandemic comes to an end we will need those skills like never before in order to stay profitable and make sales. I have no doubt that a lot of things will be changing as the world comes out of this situation. Also, I have no doubt that things will not go back to normal.

I believe that out of crisis comes opportunity. Those affiliate marketers and drop-shippers who understand and can effectively research and exploit trends will do very well this year. Those who are not quite so flexible in their outlook or products may find it a struggle to keep the sales going.

Whatever might happen in the near and distant future now is a great time to get those Woocommerce stores optimised and category pages designed for customers and boosted for search engines.


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