How to style category and tag listings in WordPress

WordPress is a great way to have your own web site or online store. It is easy to use and simple to maintain. This is why over 35% of all web sites now on the web is a WordPress website. But one of the weaknesses of WordPress is that the post listings page is pretty plain and not well optimised for search engines. It is also not ideal for user experience.

One of the easiest ways to make your WordPress category and tag listings look great is with a plugin. One of the best plugins to style those blog listings is Category Tinymce. This plugin adds a editor to the category or tag description section. You can then style up and format the introduction to your posts and use shortcodes.

Improve user experience in WordPress

But Category Tinymce does so much more than give a great looking start to your post listings. It can help boost your page SEO or search engine optimisaton.  The pro version also lets you have a powerful text area below the listings which you can format how you want.

Both of these areas only show on the first page of your blog listings. This helps to keep down duplicate content issues with Google and other search engines. It also helps with user experience as visitors do not see the same content as they browse through the listings. The latest version of the plugin also has the ability to set category and tag page images. This lets you build graphical menus and links very quickly with a shortcode.

How to boost SEO in WordPress archives

WordPress pages and posts are pretty good for seo by default. The weakest part of WordPress is the archive pages. These archive pages list blog posts by category or by tags. These pages are just a list of posts. By default WordPress gives the option for a category or tag description. But there is no option to style or format this area. 

By adding an editor to the category or tag description the plugin makes this a powerful content area. As well as an editor the Category Tinymce plugin also makes the area shortcode enabled. This means you can add all your favourite content to the archive page if it is displayed with a shortcode.

This new editor give you the chance to add formatted and powerful text to highlight important keywords for each category or tag page. with the bottom text area you have the chance to boost the description and keywords below the listings as well. It’s a great way to give your listings quickly to web visitors while still providing powerful seo optimised text for search engines.

Make a graphical menu for WordPress archives

Category Tinymce has a great new feature. This new option lets you upload an image for category and tag archive pages. You can then display these images in a grid as a graphical navigation option using a shortcode.

The category image option is available in the free version while both category and tag archive images are available in the pro version.

The shortcode can display all your archive categories and tags. It also has the option to set what archives to show using archive id numbers.

Graphical menus using images is a great way to boost user experiences.

Category tinymce style and customise wordpress archive pagesCustomise your WordPress archive pages

Using Category Tinymce gives you a great way to customise those archive pages in WordPress. It also works with many custom taxonomies if they are set up correctly. The plugin works well with Woocommerce and helps to customise your product category and tag archive pages.

Category Tinymce is a well established WordPress plugin that can really transform your archive pages. The free version has some excellent reviews. The plugin has also been featured on a number of WordPress dedicated websites as a recommended plugin.

Example reviews for CategoryTinymce plugin

Some examples of reviews for the plugin from WordPress are given below:

“this really is a great plugin. works with WordPress 5.1 and does the job brilliantly. thank you very much.”

“Doing the first steps with WP 5x and I’m very happy to found this indispensable Plug-in working.”

“It give me a good ranking from the most relevant keyword and it give me an awesome long tail strategy.”

If you need to boost those WordPress archive pages and give your visitors a great experience then look at this plugin. It’s a great way to add some excellent and important options to archive management in WordPress.

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