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By default, Woo-commerce product categories and product archives are pretty boring. All they display is a list of products. If you are lucky at least it is in a grid format. Woocommerce. There is just so much more you can do with a Woocommerce category page.  You can build it to give a great user experience.

 E-commerce and online selling is really competitive and you need to take every opportunity to sell. A great looking archive page can really set the scene for your entire shop. It gives you the chance to promote some of your best selling items. Or you can offer advice and suggestions on what to buy.

An example of this would be if you are selling telescopes. You don’t want to be adding a lot of advice on each individual product page. Doing this risks possible duplicate content issues. The best place to have general advice is on your archive page. You don’t want this at the top of the category page but preferably at the bottom.

Category Tinymce plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress

Thanks to the Category Tinymce plug-in you can now make your Woocommerce product category pages really stand out. You can provide a great user experience. It lets you use the top description area to display shortcodes of your best sellers with items on sale. You can use it to display featured items. It’s also a great way to give that little extra information and call to action to get people to spend.

customising woocommerce category pages

customising woocommerce category pages

The best things you can do on a category or tag page for products is to have a really nice image. A nice, big image can set your site apart from other competitors. They can just have a boring and plain list of products. You can also show your item used in a real-life setting to add excitement and saleability.

Building customised Woocomerce category pages

One of my Amazon affiliate sites is a camping site and I use lots of images on product archive pages to help build a unique user experience. I use a big headline image to start up the product category and then I’ll have 3 or 4 paragraphs of descriptions.  This will be descriptions that can apply to all of the products of that category or tag. At the bottom of the listings, I then start to bring in some more long-tail keywords that can be picked up by the search engines.

So for example in my camping site, I would have a category for camping stoves. I would then have a FAQ section on different types of camping stoves. I would compare the benefits of say, gas stove to solid fuel stove or an alcohol stove. These are things you don’t want to put on individual product pages because you run the risk of having duplicate content across your site.

Woocommerce product category pages are great places to put your broader terms that will apply to a lot of your products. And then an individual product pages you can really target in onto the benefits of each individual product.

Better user experience on product category and tag archives

The Category Tinymce plugin allows you to fully customise both your product tags and category pages. This can mean quite a lot of work if you have a lot of categories and tags. My recommendation is to firstly concentrate on category pages. These are the archive pages that most of your shoppers will use.

If you have a lot of product categories and product tags in your shop look at your traffic figures. You want to be customised in the most popular categories first. Ideally, you’ll be using this plugin right from the start of setting up your e-commerce shop. Is that way you get the best in user experience and even search engine results.

Boost user experience in Woocommerce

Boost user experience in Woocommerce

Download free version of category customiser plugin

There is a free version of Category Tinymce that you can download from WordPress. Just going to your plugins section of your website and search for Category Tinymce. The free version allows you to fully customise the top description area of both WordPress and Woocommerce archive pages. Be aware that your theme must call the top description or term description function otherwise nothing will show.

The free version of the plug-in gives you an editor on your category edit page so you can do all your formatting and highlighting and image calls. It is also shortcode enabled so you can use most of your shortcodes for other plug-ins that you want to call into the area. The main thing you need to consider with this top description area is the amount of real estate that you use up.

Your shop visitors will want to be getting to the listings very quickly. They don’t want to scroll through or read, too much blurb at the top of list archive listings. You can tackle this by using a concertina or accordion type of plugin. You can now have your top description area as question and answers, with people clicking to expand the accordion. This is a great way of adding lots of text into a very small area and allows people to quickly go over and scroll past.

The other good thing about using the plug-in is that the top area only displays on the first page of listings. It doesn’t display on every page of listings if your listings are paginated. This feature helps to reduce any impact on duplicate content that search engines made pick up on. It is also a good user experience as people don’t like to see the same content over and over again.

Pro version of Category Tinymce for Woocommerce

The free version of Category Tinymce is really quite powerful. It will suit most people in customising their Woocommerce product category and tag pages. But those who want to take a step further will find the pro version of Category Tinymce will meet their needs.

The pro version offers a new text area below listings themselves. In the editor screen of the categories and tags, you will find a second bottom description box there has a TinyMCE editor and is also sort code enabled.

This bottom section allows you to really going to quite a depth of describing your products generally. It also helps to build out a great landing page. It’s in this bottom area that I tend to use most of my long-tail descriptions and also have my faq section. By having this bottom description area I can then just have 3 or 4 paragraphs in the top area as an introduction to my listings.

The operation of the pro version Category Tinymce works very much the same as the free version. It will only display both top description and bottom description areas on the first page of listings. So when people click through to the next page all they get shown is standard listings of page two. This is really beneficial for user experience and to tackle duplicate content.

Category Tinymce plugin

Category Tinymce customiser for Woocommerce and WordPress

Better user experience when shopping on Woocomerce sites

We all know that e-commerce is getting more and more competitive. It’s getting harder to get people to spend their money. You need to take every possible advantage to build up your reputation and increase calls to actions. Having a great looking category listings page is one of those things that can really set your site apart. For many e-commerce sites, their listings page is the one that lets them down. It is their weakest link.

With a simple plug-in, you can change the appearance of your product category pages and your product text pages. You can help to build and increase your reputation and your professionalism to your website visitors.

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