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WordPress and web training in Abergavenny

Discover how 1 on 1 training in WordPress and internet marketing can help you boost your small business. Find out how to write and layout your blog posts for maximum search engine value. Understand how to set up your Mailchimp email campaign for maximum impact.

There are many skills that a small business owner needs to run their business today. Some are highly technical and need to be contracted out but a lot can be done with a little bit of training. It’s not just small businesses that need web marketing courses or training in WordPress. Charities and community groups can benefit from knowing about online marketing and simple web site management. I’m just coming to the end of a 3-year fundraising project to develop a performing arts centre. A large part of the money raised came from online donations over those 3 years.

1 on 1 private tuition

learn WordPress in Abergavenny in your own home or workplace

There are lots of courses for small businesses covering WordPress and online marketing. Some are relatively affordable while others can run into hundred’s of pounds for a 1-day workshop. But all of them have one problem. You have to fit into the level that they are teaching at. And you also have to learn what they want you to learn. These are not flexible. 

Having 1 to 1 tuition at your home or place of business means you get to learn what you need and when you need it. There are no formal courses to adhere to. If you want to know how to integrate your Mailchimp email list into a Facebook advertising campaign with look-a-like audiences than you can learn just that.  If you want to learn how to write a blog post to be effective in search engine optimisation then that can be done.

Learn what you  need when you need it

Some of the topics that can be covered include:

  • Customising themes to give you your preferred look
  • Speeding up your web site to improve Google ranking
  • Making your web site mobile responsive
  • Writing blog posts for maximum impact
  • How to use Woocommerce to have a shop online
  • Facebook pixels and ads
  • Google AdWords targetting
  • Amazon affiliate programme

Learning WordPress and online marketing in Abergavenny can help widen your customer base and increase sales. 

WordPress training in Abergavenny

Boosting small business and community group skills

1 on 1 private tuition in online marketing and web site management can help to boost your confidence in running and promoting your own website.  It can help you save a lot of money too. Instead of having to take on a fully managed web site contract that can cost £30 or £40 a month, you can take on your own hosting from as little as £6 a month.

My individual training can cover the very basics such as installing WordPress and essential plugins through to more complex subjects such as API integrations and PHP coding.

Benefits of having a personal WordPress tutor

One on one training offers many benefits to learning about WordPress and other online skills. We can work together on real-life scenarios that you currently need tackling. It means that you get to learn the actual skills that you need. 

It’s easier to work at the pace and at the level you are comfortable with. There is also no group dynamics that can interfere with how you learn or at what speed you learn. We can go over the same topic as many times as you like until you understand it. 

Computers can be a bit daunting and can have a steep learning curve, but most times these problems can be overcome with personal tuition.

Price for tuition

The cost of WordPress tuition is £35 per hour within Abergavenny. For training outside Abergavenny such as Cwmbran, Newport and other areas there is also travel time and travel costs to pay.

In addition to individual and private lessons, I can also provide group lessons. The cost of these depends on the length of the session but group tuition has a minimum charge of £100.00 for 2 hours. Again travel costs may be additional depending on the location of the group.

Bulk booking

I can give discounts for bulk booking hours in one payment. You don’t have to take the hours in a continuous teaching block.

Book 5 hours for £150.00 (£30 per hour)
Book 10 hours for £250.00 (£25 per hour)

Contact me to book your session.

mob: 07736 544 392

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