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Designing a WordPress category page

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How much does an online shop cost?

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woocommerce product category customiser

Woocommerce Category and Tag Plugin

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Custom author page in WordPress

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writing a blog

How to write a blog post fast

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WordPress Category Page Plugin

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Page Speed Optimisation Service

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wordpress developer blog

The last 25 years of the web has been a fascinating time. From a handful of commands back in the mid 9o's to a whole new way of communicating. 

My journey as a web developer and digital marketer has been varied and interesting. I started out writing code by hand in notepad. Back then you could memorise all the html you needed - and was available. 

From Dreamweaver to Drupal to WordPress

The next big step was the introduction of Dreamweaver. An industry standard web design programme. It made life so much easier and quicker. But the development of WordPress was a giant leap for the average blogger or web developer.

With WordPress your site could become its own complex, interconnected web. Delivering information and sales pages to anyone who found your site.

Affiliate marketing and drop-shipping is main business

Opportunities to earn money with affiliate programmes and digital downloads allow people with limited resources to earn a good living. Life has become good for so many people thanks to WordPress and the web.

There may be a lot of negatives but the positives outweigh them. On this blog you can discover my thoughts on, and techniques of, digital marketing in the modern and competitive online world.

Why write a blog?

why start a blog?

There are so many reasons to write a blog, here's just a few:

  • Google loves new content - there's no doubt that Google loves to be fed with new content on a consistent basis. It's a hungry beast and a blog offer regular new content on which to feed.
  • More content means more chance of being found - the more pages you have featuring in the search engine database the more chance you have of being returned as a result
  • Timely and topical content - blog posts allows you to talk about current events and people tend to search about current events.
  • I'm an egotist - we all love to state our own opinions and having a blog lets people know what I think and believe
  • I'm nosy - I read blogs to find out what people and companies believe in and think about.
  • I'm bored - there's nothing like spending some time writing about trivia and pointless information when you're bored. you can even liven it up with some half-focused arty photographs and video.
  • It's fun - there's no doubt that writing blogs are fun. Just don't get carried away with your readership levels. 10,000 and even 100,000 readers and followers mean nothing in a world of 7 billion. 

So there you have my thoughts on why you should start and write a blog.