design wordpress category page

Designing a WordPress category page

Being able to customise your WordPress category and tag pages can really help with your website. These archive pages should be adapted to clearly define […]

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How much does a charity website cost?

How much does a charity website cost? is there an average price from a not-for-profit website?   A charity website is really essential today for […]

How much does an online shop cost?

For a lot of smaller businesses such as arts and crafts artisans, the internet has been an opportunity to boost sales. Small retailers and small […]

woocommerce product category customiser

Woocommerce Category and Tag Plugin

By default, Woo-commerce product categories and product archives are pretty boring. All they display is a list of products. If you are lucky at least […]

Custom author page in WordPress

Giving your WordPress blog authors a great looking author page can really help to boost credibility. Rather than just a few words and then a […]

writing a blog

How to write a blog post fast

Consistency is the key to getting high in the search engine rankings. You need to be consistent in quality and quantity. If you start writing […]

WordPress Category Page Plugin

A default WordPress category page can be a little lifeless and dull. It is basically just a list of blog posts and nothing much else. […]

page speed optimisation service

Page Speed Optimisation Service

When you run a business that depends on web visitors you have to think of speed. Google research has shown that 53% of web visitors […]

WordPress and Woocommerce blogger


I'm fascinated by WordPress and Woocommerce. These two tools make eCommerce technically easy. So much easier than the early days of the web. Back then needing to know coding was taken as given if you wanted to run a successful website.

But no more. With WordPress and it's associated themes and plugins it easy for a non-coder to run a successful web site.

Ypraise Digital aims to make it even easier with simple to use plugins and tips to help you make a successful income online.

From drop-shipping to print on demand and affiliate marketing, there are ample ways to earn a solid income from home. Whether you want full-time earnings or just a side hustle WordPress and Woocommerce does that.

This blog covers some of my musings and experiences of operating online. It aims to offer tops tips, experiences, the occasional bit of coding, all to help you develop your online business