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Shortcodes available with Category Editor

Category Editor lets you design graphical menus for your WordPress category and tag pages. By default there is no option to add a category or tag image, but Category Editor adds this function.

To make it easier to develop grpahical navigation of archives you can use shortcodes. 

Category Editor shortcodes for free and pro versions

Both versions of Category Editor has the option to produce image based navigation for category archives.  This shortcode is 

[ catimmg ]

You can use this to call an unordered list of all your category archives with its image. There are 2 attributes you can use to help customise the output of the shortcode:

  • number – liit the number of categories that is shown in the list
  • categories – use the category ids to produce a navigation with your choice of categories.

Examples of the shortcode with free version

Example shortcodes could be [ catimmg number=”3″ ] or [ catimmg categories=”23,45,12,67  ]

The first one would  produce a category navigation with 3 options. These options will be from the lowest id number to the higest.

The second shortcide would produce a navigation list of the categories with those ids and their images. Note that the ids are comma seperated.

Styling the shortcode output

I’ve intentionally left the styling blank. This is because more web developers have their own prefered way of preenting navigations and using grids etc. The following css is available to be usde in the free and pro version of the plugin for category navigation.

  • catimmgmain – this is the main container
  • .catimmgeach – this is the individual category containers
  • .cattitle – this is the title of the category

So as an example of css which you can add to your theme customise additional css file would be:


Pro Version shortcodes

There are a number of other shortcodes available in the paid for version available on this site.

[ parentcatimmg ]  this will display only parent categories.

[ childcatimmg ] this will display only child categories of the current category.

[ tagimmg ] – this displays tags images as navigation. There are 2 attributes similar to the category shortcode. You can call either number or tags as attributes. You need to use a comma separated list of tag ids for the tag’s attributes.

[ protagimmg ] – this displays product tag images as navigation. There are 2 attributes you can use. You can either use number=”” or product_tag=”” attributes. product_tag attribute takes comma-separated list of product tag ids. Woocommerce has category images and navigation shortcodes buit in but does not have product tag archive options.


Again no styling has been applied and the following CSS attributes are available to be used:


.parentcatimmgmain – the main container for output of parent category images
.parentcatimmgeach – the individual category output containers
.parentcattitle – the title of the parent (top level) categories


.childcatimmgmain – the main container for output of the child categories images
.childcatimmgeach – the individual category output containers
.childcattitle – the title of the child categories of the current category


.tagimmgmain – the main container for the output of tag images
.tagimmgeach – the container for individual tag image output
.tagtitle – the title of the tag


.protagimmgmain – the main container for the output of product tag images
.protagimmgeach – the container for individual product tag image output
.prottagtitle – the title of the product tag

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    • Hi, yes you will get a download link sent to your email address after you have purchased. You then get access to 12 months of updates and installation support.

  1. Thanks for the quick response!
    After 12 months will the plugin work?

    Also interested in the Woocommerce Archive Image SEO plugin. Does this plugin prescribe existing images or does it only register at boot time?

    • Hi,
      The plugin will still work after 12 month, you just don’t get any updates unless you repurchase.

      Woocommerce Archive Image SEO will add the alt tag to existing images in the archives as well as add it to new images.

      I wrote this because a lot of my sites uses auto-imports form affiliates and I needed to add alt tags automatically.

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