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Raising Noise is a Christian youth ministry in Newport, Gwent, South Wales. The web site was designed to help raise funds and awareness of the ministry. Since the launch of the web site, the ministry has been able to raise well into 6 figures from online donations towards the cost of its new centre.

In addition to just funds, the web site has enabled the ministry to:

  • network with a US-based CCM music label who is going to mentor the ministry to find new talent and publish young Christian artists,
  • build up a volunteer bank of specialist theatre and recording technicians who will help install the equipment once the structural work on the new centre has been completed,
  • received donations of specialist audio-visual and theatre equipment from churches and others.

A web presence for not-for-profits, churches and other charities can bring in a wide range of help and support. As such it should be considered as an investment rather than a cost.

In addition to information about the ministry and an option to donate the sites has a number of other functions. 

It has an events calendar so people can see what is currently on at the church. It is possible to import the events into your Google or Apple calendar so you get reminded of the event.

It obviously has a donations option where people can donate either a one-off contribution or set up monthly support. This is done through PayPal.

Recently I’ve set up a shop on the site. This allows people to buy music tracks from young artists that we support and work with. We also offer an online shop for dance-wear. Once the new centre opens there will be a small dancewear shop in the reception area. 

Another part of the site that has recently been programmed is under the Youth Section. The site now has a Facebook status import section for Christian Festivals.  One of the issues with Facebook pages is that Facebook only sends status updates to about 10% or less of page followers. If the page wants to reach more than that they have to pay for advertising costs. 

So following a Christian festival page does not mean you’ll get notified of any news. The new Christian Festivals section of the web site monitors various Facebook pages every 2 hours. If it sees a new post it gets imported and published on the Raising Noise web site. This means our members just need to check the one page to see all the status updates of major UK christian music festivals.


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