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My oldest web site which celebrates 20 years in 2020. Although it was running for 4 years previous on an ISP provided domain name.

It really began as a hobby site back in 1994. Then I blogged about the wildlife that could be found in Wolverhampton and the Black Country. It had basic mapping and also ran the first public online wildlife survey. 

After a couple of years, I began to blog on wider wildlife issues such as international wildlife trade and crime. This eventually led to buying the domain name Wildlife News. At its peak, the site was attracting over 20,000 visitors a day and was supported with ads sales and Amazon affiliate commissions.

I put the site on the back burner a few years ago to concentrate on other things, mainly fundraising for a performing arts centre.

The site is being relaunched in 2020 to celebrate 20 years. 

The new format is news collation and publishing. It has a backend programme that monitors press release sites. As news is released it gets republished. The press releases come from UK based nature conservation organisations and government departments.

In addition, there is a backend programme which works with the Youtube API. It monitors various UK based news channels for videos on UK wildlife conservation. The video is then automatically embedded into the site.

Finally, a third backend programme monitors UK based wildlife podcasts and embeds them as they are updated or a new episode is published.

The new format for Wildlife News is a one-stop-shop for finding out the latest news on a wide range of UK related news.

It’s minimal maintenance content which helps to support commissions on Amazon sales and ad income.

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