Cost of selling a t shirt with Facebook ads

Correction: In the video I said my Zazzle profit on the t-shirts was about £9 – it’s not my affiliate commission and royalty payments total about £7 so cost of sale is closer to 50% than 30%.

Facebook Ads is the first place many print on demand designers go to when marketing their t-shirts and other products. It’s popular and it’s gotten even more popular with advertisers and marketers.

It’s so popular now that over the last 2 or 3 years there has been a substantial increase in costs. Three years ago you could test a new design with a £10 campaign and get 15,000 impressions. today you’re lucky to get 2,000 for the same budget.

This video covers a recent boosted post test campaign for some t-shirts that cost £10 to run and resulted in 3 sales.

You need to ensure your profit margins are enough to cover the increasing cost of marketing on Facebook.

It’s easy to start an online business with print on demand. Signing up with Printful is a great way to start.

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