Designing a skateboard for Zazzle Print on Demand using Gimp

My start to finish process of a design for a skateboard for Zazzle print on demand. Includes a quick look at Deviant Art and Gimp brushes.

This video shows me putting together an urban grunge design for a skateboard. It also gives an indication of earnings from royalties and affiliate commissions. This allows me to calculate an ad budget for Facebook Ads and other advertising.

Gimp is a good way to make your designs for Zazzle and print on demand items if you are starting out and the monthly fee for Photoshop is too much to commit to in the early stages.

Nexus Font Manager download – – the font manager I use in this video. Font manager is the second application on the list. – Disclaimer: not an affiliate link and no payment has been made to promote this. It is the font manager I use and love.


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