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If you are new to print on demand and don’t have a lot of experience of using design programmes you may have issues with some fonts. You may find the top and bottoms of font characters being cut off.

This tends to happen more with vector design programmes – programmes like Illustrator, Serif Draw, Open Draw, Fireworks, Inkscape etc. Image editors such as Gimp, Photoshop and Paint tend not to have this issue.

To solve this problem you need to convert your text to path after you’ve completed your design and the fonts will display as they should. The problem tends to be most pronounced with fancy style fonts that have swirls and curls outside the normal character map.

Make sure you complete all your design before converting to path as you will not be able to change size, kern, alias, colour etc afterwards.

But it is not a problem with the font, you just need to convert to path to get the correct finish to your letters.


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