Using WP All Import Pro in join your Woocommerce and Zazzle stores.

After having to manually update all my prices in my woocommerce store after Zazzle increased their prices I thought there must be a better way of syncing the two. It turns out you can use WP All Import to sync your Woocommerce and Zazzle shops.

This video is a quick tutorial of how to set up WP All Import in Woocommerce to import your Zazzle shop products. You can also set a schedule for the rss (or xml) feed from Zazzle to be checked and any changes – such as prices – to be updated.

The Zazzle feed does not include your shop categories so you have to set up a feed for each category that you want in Woocommerce. The other issue is that the only feed available comes from which means prices pulled from the feed is in US dollars.

Even so it is still an easy and quick way to integrate woocommerce with zazzle.

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