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WordPress Plugins

Adding functions to your WordPress and Woocommerce Web Site

If you have a Wordpress or Woocommerce website then you need plugins! Plugins can:

  • add great user-friendly options,
  • improve the appearance of your site,
  • help boost its search engine optimisation,
  • increase conversions and sales,
  • help towards raising funds for your site or cause,
  • improve the organisation of your web site or eCommerce store.

For the last 25 years, I’ve run web sites for various causes and WordPress really has made life a lot easier for setting up and maintaining a website. But as an affiliate marketer – and predominantly and Amazon marketer – I’ve come across issues where Wordpress and Woocommerce needs a little tweaking to boost results.

The result is this selection of Wordpress plugins that I’ve written to help me. These are now available to purchase.

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WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

These simple and effective plugins can help you reach out to new visitors or enhance the visitor experience. And the more visitors enjoy your site the more they will recommend it and the more search engines such as Google will love your site.

Keeping plugins small and quick, using minimum resources, means all these add-ons for WordPress and Woocommerce will not impact on the speed of your web site. This is important now that mobile-first is now a priority with most popular search engines.

In this collection, you will find popular official plugins such as Category Editor - there is a free version over at WordPress for you to try  - and Woocommerce Archive Image SEO.

As an internet marketer, blogger, drop-shipper and affiliate, most of these plugins were developed to help boost automated sites. But many work incredibly well on maintained web sites as well.

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