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Welcome to my shop of WordPress and Woocommerce plugins. This section includes all the plugins that I have written to make your web site more effective.

It is the official home for the pro version of Category Tinymce, the paid-for version of the popular archive management tool at Wordpress.

Browse through my range of plug-ins and see how they can help you to increase visibility, conversions and sales.


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    wordpress and woocommerce plugins

    If you have a Wordpress or Woocommerce website then you need plugins! Plugins can:

    • add great user-friendly options,
    • improve the appearance of your site,
    • help boost its search engine optimisation,
    • increase conversions and sales,
    • help towards raising funds for your site or cause,
    • improve the organisation of your web site or eCommerce store.

    For the last 25 years, I've run web sites for various causes and WordPress really has made life a lot easier for setting up and maintaining a website. But as an affiliate marketer - and predominantly and Amazon marketer - I've come across issues where Wordpress and Woocommerce needs a little tweaking to boost results.

    The result is this selection of Wordpress plugins that I've written to help me. These are now available to purchase.