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Adding pseudo viewer count

social proofing and FOMO  for your product pages


When you launch a new online store in Woocommerce – or any other eCommerce platform – it can be difficult to get people to complete a sale.

Your web visitors may like to buy what you have and some will go to cart and then abandon the sale. It’s not unusual for new stores to have high cart abandonment rates. One of the major reasons is that people have never heard of your store. They don’t know how trustworthy it is or whether it is a reliable online shop.

current product viewers

Example site showing the number of visitors currently viewing the product page.

The one thing that stands out between online shops and real-world shops is that customers don’t see other people and there’s no reinforcement that the customer is in a shop.

This Woocommerce plugin aims to overcome that hesitancy and add social proofing to your store. When people come to your product page this plugin will let them know that other people are viewing the page. This gives confidence in purchasing.

It can also add a degree of FOMO or fear of missing out, especially if you pair it with low stock levels.

What does this Woocommerce plugin do?

Install this plugin and get social proofing on your product page. In the settings, you can set a minimum number of people and the maximum number of people. Then each time the product page is visited it will display a random number of people in between your settings.

You can set what the text in for your own language or your own needs. for instance, you could have x people are viewing this product or x people are watching this product, much like the eBay watch notification.

This feature helps to build credibility on new sites with little traffic.


As always the CSS styling is left for you to do in order for it to fit into your own site. The class name is .visitnumbers

an example style would look like this:


padding:5px 10px;

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