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Building links for websites is still invaluable in getting a good presence on Google and other search engines. Link building is probably the most powerful SEO tool you have in gaining rank. It is getting harder though to build those links. This plugin though can help you gain links on other sites and forums. When you right-click on an image a box pops up with the link code and BB Code to the page. Make your images your most powerful SEO tool with link building.

Anyone involved with SEO and link building will know how difficult it is to build good quality links. Getting real and genuine links are one of the most difficult ways of building your search engine rankings. They say that a picture can launch a thousand ships – now you can use a picture to build a thousand links!

Share images to help boost SEO backlinks

Images are really popular on the web. Video may be building in popularity but there is nothing like a good picture tell a story. When you install this plugin you can add a class name to the images you want to be shared and every time someone right clicks on the image – the usual way people try and save images of the internet – a small box pops up and gives the HTML and BBCode to embed the image and link back to the page the image is on.

This can really help to build you links to your pages. You are giving people the code they need to embed the image in their web site and the code needed to share the image on most of the forums using BBCode.

Just pack your web site with great pictures and you will be able to build up genuine deep links into your web site that will help build your link profile – with genuine links by real people.

You can see an example of the plugin in action at this demo page on the blog which shows a few local images of Abergavenny.

Disable normal right mouse click for images 

Using the plugin is very simple. When you upload an image look at the advanced settings section where you can assign a class to the image. Use imglink as the class (just add the word to the field) and then every time someone tries to right-click the image, the box pops up with details about linking and sharing. The link will go to the page on which the image is shown.

Just a couple of words of caution. If you use hotlinking protection on your images to conserve bandwidth then obviously this plugin is not going to work. Remember if a popular site links to your image you could see a lot of bandwidth used very quickly – this is something to consider if on a cheap shared hosting set up that has a cap on traffic.

Right menu appearance on images in WordPress

The design of the box can easily be changed using standard CSS in your style sheet.


#curropenhl2l : is the main box id and you must use the !important command to take effect. eg: width:400px!important;

#curropenhl2l textarea : is the id to control the internal box eg: width:80%; no !important is needed.

There are other styling options which you can find using inspect tools but these are the 2 main ones you will need in styling.

Video on how to use Image Backlinker WordPress plugin

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