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Current version 1.1

Version 1.1 allows you to set different minimum word counts for WordPress blog posts and also for WooCommerce product pages.

Google Panda can be a real pain for affiliate marketers if you auto-import products. There is only so much information that the Amazon API, for instance, will release. This means you can easily have a lot of low-quality content and thin product pages on your site. Google will penalise a site for just having a few poor-quality pages. Welcome to Google Panda. This plugin tries to help combat this site-wide penalty.

Google Panda looks for low-quality web pages

When Panda first launched they said that an entire site could be impacted by just a few poor-quality pages. The recommendation was to combine low content pages into a better quality page, remove the pages completely or no-index the relevant poor pages to prevent the search engine indexing them.

When you auto-import pages and products you can not be sure of the quality of the content – or the quantity – so you put yourself at risk of a site-wide penalty unless you go through each page to check it’s quality. This can be difficult and time-consuming if you import hundreds of pages.

Dealing with low word count articles when auto-importing content

This plugin can try, at least, to combat the thin or low content product pages imported into Woocommerce and WordPress. The plugin works by letting you set a minimum word count for the product description or main content area. When the page is built the number of words are counted and if the page falls below the word count quantity you set then a no-index meta is put in the header.

When you install the plugin don’t forget to clear any caches of caching plugins you are using to allow the page to be rebuilt with the new meta tag.

This plugin does not deal with all aspects of Panda but it can help deal with those weak content pages that Google frown so much on.

Low word count titles can still help build archive pages

So why did I not make the plugin delete the pages instead of setting it as a no-index page? I use archive pages (with the help of Category Tinymce) as the main landing pages which I optimise and so having the product on-site and appearing in the archive page is useful for offering a wide range of models or brands.

By adding no-index to products with description lengths below a certain level I hope that the sites I run don’t get penalised on a site-wide basis. Can I prove this plugin works? No that’s impossible to do but I do run some effective affiliate sites and I have seen at least 2 of those sites improve after installing this plugin.

You do need a little patience though as with all things SEO and search engine related it can take 3 months or more to see the impact of any changes.

How to use Filter Weak Content plugin for WordPress and Woocommerce

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  1. Tully S.

    So useful for auto importing. Keeps the bots at bay from weak content.

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