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Woocommerce Simple Sale 2.0

Ever wanted to have a site-wide flash sale but the thought of changing all your Woocommerce sale prices put you off? Now with Simple Sale, it’s just a matter of a couple of clicks.

Not only does Simple Sale makes it easy to set site-wide discounts it also adds a call to action in the cart by highlighting the savings made if your customer buys now.

Setting up the sale is easy. In the Simple Sale settings, you just check the box and add your percentage discount. Then click save. Your sale has launched and all the products on your site are now discounted. And the new Version 2.0 works with Woocommerce 3.0 variations. Ir can not be any easier or quicker.

Want to end your sale? Then just uncheck the box and click save.

Simple one-click storewide sale

No bulk editing of sale prices in Woocommerce. No changes to the database so the plugin will not timeout with a large number of items. It’s done ‘on the fly’ at the page level and there’s even more in Simple Sale 2.0.

Simple Sale 2.0 does the following as well as run a discount:

  • Where variations have different prices the price range is changed to From…. until an option is selected when the price for the variation is shown.
  • In the cart, both the regular price and the sale price is shown to give better user experience than the default display of just the sale price.
  • Below the sub-total amount is a call to action that shows how much the customer will save in total if they buy now.

Now it’s quick and easy to run site-wide flash sales without having to worry about the time it takes to change all the settings. Just click and go!

Simple Woocomerce Sale Screenshots:

Settings page:
settings page

Shop page showing sale settings – will look different according to your theme:
shop page woocommerce sale

Variations page with different prices:
woocommerce variations page sale

Cart page showing extra prices and call to action:
woocommerce cart with extras from Simple Sale 2.0

Video tutorial Simple Woocommerce Sale plugin

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  1. Coren d.

    Very basic but ideal for store wide sales. Love the note in the checkouts about saving money.

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