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We all love Woocommerce, it is fast turning into the number 1 e-commerce platform and leaving other options behind. It’s powerful and easy to use but there are still issues you need to tackle for Woocommerce and search engine optimisation. One of the most important is the image alt”” tags in the product archives and related products etc. As standard, the alt tag is populated with the image file name – not always the best SEO option.

NOTE: This plugin will only work with themes that use the recommended WordPress and Woocommerce calls to images. If your theme sets its own image fields then it will not work.

An example of this in use is with Wildlife News. As an Amazon affiliate store, the products are auto imported. There are no alt tags in the images by default. This plugin sets archive images alt and title tags with the product page title.

This plugin will change the default alt behaviour to one where the image alt=”” tag becomes the name of the product title. This can help to make your images contribute to your archive page SEO. It also makes the alt tag much more relevant to the page. This, in turn, boosts visitor engagement and satisfaction.

Auto-add alt image tags to imported Woocommerce products

If you manually add products then you have the opportunity to SEO the image tags as you add each item one by one. But if you import in bulk from a supplier list – or, as I do, import from Amazon – then the file name of the image could be anything. That is not useful for SEO and it is much too time-consuming to go through each image and make the changes manually.

Install this plugin and as pages are called and built the alt tags take their value from the product title. By doing it automatically you don’t need to worry about file names of images imported as they get over-written by the plugin.

Image alt tags on products archives added if missing

The new alt tags take effect on product archive pages and the related product thumbnails on single product pages. The alt tags are also carried forward in well-written shortcode calls of products. This includes the shortcodes of Woocommerce plugins that I have published here.

In the main archive page which is built as a landing page you can see the new product image alt=”” tags being carried through shortcodes and clicking through to one of the child categories you can see the image alt=”” tags changed to product title. This helps to boost the SEO value of your Woocommerce product archive pages.

While Woocommerce may set the title attribute to the product title this is not the best way to optimise images. Google has said – and always has – that it takes alt attributes as the option for describing and listing an image. So while the title attribute is useful it is the alt that makes the SEO difference.

Video tutorial on using Woocommerce Archive Image Alt Tag plugin

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