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Latest Version 1.3

Changes – 

  • removed number of columns attributes as this is now dealt with by Woocommerce using the customise option
  • removed option to sort by title
  • added a CSS class to make it easier to style. you can now use ul#woosalecat as the identifier for products in the sale by category shortcode.

Woocommerce is a great plugin for WordPress if you want to sell items or run an affiliate store. There are lots of options and shortcodes that comes bundled with the plugin. 

Simple way to show products on sale by Woocommerce category

The new shortcodes by Woocomerce can be quite cumbersome and difficult to get working. They do not have great user experience if you are a novice. You also need to have a good understanding of short-code attributes. This plugin aims to overcome that limitation.

There are no settings but there is a settings page called Woocommerce Cat Sale. There you will find a page that shows you the attribute options and how to build your shortcode.

A good way to promote sale items in a blog post

I find this a good plugin to use as you can also use it within normal posts so if you are writing a blog post on a certain subject then you can call products on sale in a Woocommerce category that is related to the subject. This gives you a better level of targeting your products that just using the basic ‘catch all’ shortcode for products on sale that comes with Woocommerce.

Video tutorial on using Wooocommerce Sale Product by Category plugin

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2 reviews for Woocommerce Category Sale shortcode

  1. Benson F.

    much easier to use than the default woocommerce method

  2. Tammy M.

    so simple to use

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