Woocommerce Delivery Estimate Window


Current Version: Delivery Estimate 1.2

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Delivery Date Range

Give your customers an estimate of when delivery is due

One of the easiest ways to reduce customer complaints is by giving them a good estimate of delivery times. This is especially true if you drop-ship from China or overseas and there is a long shipping time. Few people start chasing their orders after a few days but when those days become weeks then emails start to arrive.

Delivery Estimate plugin for Woocommerce

Giving a delivery window to your customers

Giving an estimate of the delivery time on your product page means your customer has the choice of buying and waiting or not buying. It’s a good user experience and helps to develop a customer base. Most people just need to know an honest shipping time.

This WordPress plugin for Woocommerce adds a delivery window date range under the add to cart button. Simply add the minimum shipping days and the maximum estimated shipping days and the plugin will provide your customers with a date range based on their current date.

It’s a simple and quick way to help your customers make a buying decision and it keeps complaints and cancelled orders related to long shipping times low.

As with most of my plugins, the date window is unformatted allowing you to change the look depending on your choice. The CSS class is .deliveryestimate

An example of styling in CSS could be:

.deliveryestimate {

You can see a demo of the Delivery Estimate plugin for Woocommerce at Tackle King by going to a product page and seeing the above CSS in action.

To use, simply load the plugin and go to the settings page. There you can add the text you want to appear and also add the minimum and maximum shipping time in days. The shipping window is then displayed on all product pages.

At the moment this plugin only offers a global setting as this is what I currently need for auto-importing drop-shipping items to my stores. 

product page settingsDelivery Estimate Window Update

The latest 1.2 update allows you to have control over what products displays the delivery estimate section. 

If you do not add any days in the fields on the general settings page then by default the section will not display. To get the delivery estimate to show on product pages you want to offer a time for just add the days to the shipping section of the product edit page. The delivery estimate will then show on that page.

The plugin has now been updated to allow you to set a delivery window on a product level basis. You can override the global settings if you use another supplier who can delivery quicker – or slower – than your main catalogue.

You can find the new settings on each product admin page under the shipping tab. there you can set the minimum delivery time and maximum delivery days for each item.



1.2 Allow optional delivery estimates on product pages.

1.1 You can now override global delivery estimates on a per-product base. Settings are under shipping on the individual product admin page.

1.0 Initial release

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