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Get rid of those H2 product titles in Woocommerce shortcodes, the front page and product archive pages. Have you ever spent time carefully crafting a landing page or the product archive pages only for your keywords to be diluted because of H2 product titles in the Woocommerce loop? This plugin changes those H2 headings to div classes.

One of the things that annoy me when I put together my landing pages and the category archive pages in my Woocommerce stores is that whenever I use the product loop the product links are, by default, given an H2 heading tag. This can cause issues with the page SEO as the carefully crafted titles and headings you use to highlight the key phrases you want to target are diluted by the H2 product titles.

When you run the page through an SEO checker service you find that suddenly your keywords and phrases only feature in 4 of the 20 headings on the page. It’s not just SEO for organic search this can cause issues with but also page score in Adwords. And that will cost you more cash per click than necessary.

Change Woocommerce H2 headers on archive pages

This simple plugin changes the H2 product title in the Woocommerce loop in a simple div class. This means for CSS styling purposes you would use:

ul.products li.product .woocommerce-loop-product__title

instead of:

ul.products li.product h2

or something similar depending on how your theme works.

This is particularly useful for when you put together a landing page and use one of the Woocommerce shortcodes to insert products. Headings are important signs to search engines about the subject of your page. If you correctly use the subheadings from H2 – H4 then it can give a boost to your search positions. However, the H2 header tags of the Woocommerce product loop generated by the shortcode can wipe out the effect of the lower grade of headings and completely change the way that search engines view the subject of your page.

Too many H2 or headings tags can be spammy to search engines

This can also be true for product category pages, especially if using the Category Tinymce plugin to build your archive page into the search engine friendly landing page. The titles of products in H2 tags can impact on the terms you are trying to highlight in your descriptions.

It is simple to use – just upload and activate. There are no settings and the product title will change from an H2 header to a simple div class.

You can see it in action on WP.YPAISE.COM if you go to the home page or the archive page and inspect the product tile. You will see it is contained within a div class and not an H2 class.

As with all these SEO type plugins featured on this site you do not want to use it on an established site already ranking well in the search engines. Any change to how you present your site and changing markup can take time to work through and may in the short term result in falls of your site in the search results. It generally takes up to 3 months for changes to work. It’s not unusual for sites to fall in the search results during this time.

However, if you have a site that is performing poorly or about to launch a new site then good SEO plugins can benefit.

Video tutorial on Remove H2 Headers from Woocommerce plugin

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