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If you want to know how to add a sort on sale option to your Woocommerce website this is the easiest way. A quick and simple plugin adds a new option for On Sale to the drop-down menu in shop category and archive pages in Woocommerce. Strangely, it’s not an option by default but can easily be added.

Woocommerce is a great eCommerce platform for WordPress. It has lots of options in the standard install but there are some things that are missing.  These can improve sales and user satisfaction with your Woocommerce store.

One of those is the ability to highlight your sales items in the category listing pages. The drop-down sort by filter has a number of options. These include:

  • price highest to lowest
  • price lowest to highest
  • name A-Z
  • name Z-A
  • best-selling

Other options are also available. Strangely on option not there by default is sort by Sale. This is a popular sort filter for many people. This Woocommerce plugin fixes that issue.

Woocommerce sort by products on sale currently

You can use this to bring to the top of the listings of each category all those products that are on sale. Everyone loves sales so making easy access to these products can boost sales. Once this plugin is installed your customers can choose from the drop-down menu to sort by sale. You can also set the On Sale option as a default setting in your Woocommerce display settings. This will automatically show on sale options at the top of your product listings of each category.

This is a simple plug and play plugin. It allows your customers to find the best deal on your WordPress Woocommerce eCommerce based website.

You can check out the operation of this plugin over at the binoculars section of Wildlife News where On Sale items have been set as the default display option.

Video tutorial on Woocommerce On Sale sort option plugin

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    Tony H.

    Great little plugin thanks. Now my customers can find offers in each category quickly and easily.

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