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Current version 2.0

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Big Bio Box 2.0 is a great way to have a custom author page in WordPress.

Getting guest authors to contribute to your blog is not always easy. But running a multi-author WordPress blog is a whole lot easier than doing it all yourself. I  know, I’ve run multi-author blogs and life is so much easier and you get to build content quickly. This is a great multi-author blog plugin to provide custom author pages.

If people are helping you to build your content, it is only fair for you to give them a great shout-out and thanks for their work. Having a great author page goes a long way towards that. It also helps with user experience as readers can find out more about the author and it can also help with SEO as you build credibility and the reputation of your contributors.

This plugin gives you a beautiful and fully active author page that shows a large bio or life history of your author, a list of blog posts that the author has written and also a list of comment replies they have made.

Create a custom author page in WordPress easily

It’s easier to see it in action than to try and explain so head over to my author profile page. You can clearly see the tabbed content and the different loops that bring in the content. The tabbed area is new in Big Bio Box 2.0 and really helps to develop your author pages.

So what does this plugin do? 

This plugin adds an extra description box to the user profile page and it is a fully active editor box that you can run shortcodes in.  It still keeps the plain smaller author bio box which shows on the front end of any blog posts. When you click on the link in that smaller author bio box then you get taken to the author page where the big bio is displayed.

You will need to make a basic change to your theme file – or preferably child theme – by adding the author.php file into your theme (or child theme) folder. I’ve made this author.php (you’ll find it when you unzip the plugin) file as basic as possible to try and fit in with most themes but you will need to do some CSS styling to try and get it to fit.

Custom author.php file for use with plugin

Alternatively, if you open up the author.php file from the Big Bio Box plugin you will see:

<!– start of the loops for the display of tabbed regions –>

blah blah….

<!– end of the tabbed regions for adding to your own author.php file –>

You can copy and paste all the code in between and replace the loop within your author.php file with it. This will mean you keep the styling of your theme. You just need to change the styling of the tabbed area. If your theme does not have an author.php file then you need to copy your archive.php file and rename it author.php.  Then you use the code from the plugin author.php file in place of the loop calls in your archive file. This will turn your archive file into an author file and keep all the styling. You need to replace any code between the main content divs.

Custom profile pages in WordPress

If you are having problems setting it up then I can do it for a small charge of £10.00.  It is a fairly easy and straightforward thing to do in most cases.

Now you have one of the best author pages (or profile page) for your contributors. It showcases their skills and talents on the author page. This can also encourage your contributors to write more posts. Finally, it can also boost interaction with comments as it will all show up on their custom author page.

To do: currently, pagination of posts takes you back to the first tab and then you have to click through to posts to see next page. This is currently being worked on for a fix.

Video tutorial about Big Bio Box custom profile page in WordPress


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  1. Douglas F.

    I love my new profile pages

  2. Thomas D.

    my blogs contributors love me now 🙂

  3. Mary S.

    great author pages just need the pagination sorting out

  4. Monica W.

    This is so much better than normal author pages

  5. Barak F.


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