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Category Editor is the leading plugin to manage the design and content of WordPress and Woocommerce pages. With it, you can add additional rich content below the listings.

The default archive description area at the top of listings can also be used for rich media as a text editor is added to the admin page to make design easy. 

The content areas above and below the listings are also short-code enabled.

The Category Editor (formally Category Tinymce) can allow you to add a category or tag image to WordPress archives and use a shortcode to build graphic-rich menu.

The plugin can also allow you to set an OG Image that will display when the archive page is shared on Facebook.

Finally, for those who do not use an SEO plugin, there is the option to set a meta description for tag and category pages for both WordPress and Woocommerce.

There is an unsupported version that you can try to use on custom taxonomies but this is unsupported.

Please use the contact form if you need support for Category Editor plugin.