Delivery Estimate Update 1.2

To give more control over where the delivery estimates show on product pages I’ve updated the plugin.

Up to recently, I’ve used the plugin for drop-shipping and all the products had similar estimated delivery times. So I wrote the plugin to show the delivery estimates on all the product pages using the general settings options. If any product had a significantly different delivery time I could override it in the shipping section of that product.


I’ve now used the plugin on a web site where there is a mix of drop-shipping, print on demand and immediate music downloads. Obviously, I don’t need the delivery estimate to show on the downloadable music tracks pages.

The different estimated times between the drop-shipping from China and local print on demand could easily be accommodated with the per product override in shipping.

So the answer has been this latest update. If you do not add days in the general settings page but leave them blank then the delivery estimate will not be loaded on any page. To get the estimated delivery time you need to add it to the shipping settings on each individual product page.

You still need to add the wording to say what you want to tell your customer but leave the days blank.

If you don’t need to stop the estimates from being inserted then just add your general days as normal and the delivery estimate will display on every product page.


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